What The World Has Come To

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University of North Carolina Press, 2021

What The World Has Come To: On The Spectacle of Professional Wrestling, is a book of essays about the author's love of watching professional wrestling, as well as his relationship with his own body and masculine violence.


Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2015

i/o is a memoir written in the form of a computer virus, examining the author's personal journey and struggles through the lens of Odysseus' journey in The Odyssey.


Part epic poem and part MS-DOS prompt, i/o was published by Civil Coping Mechanisms in 2015, and exists online at

Enter Your Initials For Record Keeping

Cobalt Press, 2015

In this always-on-fire collection of essays on the classic 2-on-2 video game NBA Jam, Brian Oliu and 13 Player 2 contributors offer essays that explore the purest love and hatred for the game of basketball. While Oliu tells of his continuous battle with identity—particularly due to the overwhelmingly large shadow of his father’s basketball abilities, as well as Brian’s own seemingly larger-than-life size as a child—Player 2 authors provide an eclectic balance of comic and tragic stories about the teams that represent them.

Leave Luck To Heaven


Uncanny Valley Press, 2014

Leave Luck to Heaven is a collection of lyric essays with haunted, haunting reflections on classic games: they are the weird, painful things we made NES games carry for us because we didn’t know where else to put them.

Portions of Leave Luck to Heaven were published in Level End, a chapbook published by Origami Zoo Press in 2013. 

So You Know It's Me


Tiny Hardcore Press, 2011

So You Know It’s Me is a collection of lyric essays that were posted on the Tuscaloosa Craigslist Missed Connections board over the course of 45 days. On the 45th day, in accordance to Craigslist policy, the essays began to erase themselves.


So You Know It's Me was published by Roxane Gay's Tiny Hardcore Press in 2011, and now exists online at

Come See For Yourself


Tiny Hardcore Press, 2012

Come See For Yourself is a series of stories about each county of Brian Oliu’s home state of New Jersey. Each piece tries to encompass the strangeness of the Garden State by retelling the stories of both the author and those who call New Jersey home. From the Jersey Shore to the Delaware Water Gap to the Ironbound to the Pine Barrens, the odd landscapes provide a backdrop for Oliu’s quest to pinpoint what makes a place that can be so foreign feel like home.


Come See For Yourself was originally published in The Fullness of Everything by Tiny Hardcore Press in 2012 and now resides on Google Maps.


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